1 Feb
8:00 pm

First Thursday - Synths Of Summer

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The first of 2024 Synths of Summer

The Love month; it's an experience, a testament to the power of the seasons. As the Summer Bake continues and the New Seasons start in the City, Synths Of Summer are bringing back the unparalleled first thursday nightlife experience.

At the pinnacle of the South African dance scene, Kyle Cassim is ready to lead us into a kaleidoscope of bright and vibrant rhythms on the dance floor, supported by the mother city’s hottest and up and coming acts - Kurt April, Mia, Dizzy Rythm, Oli Lev & Ben Probert

Dress the part in the new seasons most stylish summer attire, with sunnies being a must for the bright experience of Synths Of Summer.

We gather together on the 1th of February at our sacred dance palace, District Night Club.

Brought to you by District, Kyle Cassim, and Bacardi.

Party like a pro with our personalised VIP Packages:

  • Bottle of Bacardi, 6 VIP Access Passes & a VIP Table - R 1350
  • Bottle Of Bombay Gin, 6 VIP Access Passes & a VIP Table - R 1550
  • Bottle Of Patron Tequila, 6 VIP Access Passes & a VIP Table - R 1950

Official Lineup:

Kyle Cassim
Kurt April
Dizzy Rythym
Oli Lev
Ben Probert

No Under 18 -
No ID, No Entry -
R 80 Pre Sold -
R 120 Double Ticket Release -


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